Make The Cut

Women’s Weekly

Vicky Bramley

April, 2020

A great haircut can change everything. Well, almost. Here’s everything you need to know if you’re considering a crop says Vicky Bramley.

A short cut can slash your styling time, but only when it’s ideal for you hair type and face shape. John Pulitano from Headcase Hair says we should trim every four to six weeks. here he breaks down the pick of the crops:

Getting Ahead

A new ‘do can shine a light on scalp health. There’s a laundry list of issues yours could be facing, from everyday dandruff to inflamed hair follicles or neurodermatitis, a patchy scale sometimes seen on the back of the neck in women over 40. If you’re suffering, it’s important to get a solid diagnosis from your health professional. But for those with mostly healthy scalps, are all the tonics on the market now simply adding one more step (and expense) to our haircare routines?

“If your hair is shorter you may notice the scalp more” says Simone Abaron, a naturopath, nutritionist and trichologist. “Also, our lifestyles and hair habits have changed. We use a lot more dry shampoo and styling products, we’re exercising more so we have perspiration, and there’s more pollution in the air. Then there’s our natural scalp oils. Unless you do an exfoliation, the hair can become dull and the scalp clogged full of junk.”

If you’re unsure about your scalp’s condition, check with your hairdresser. “If people don’t wash their hair properly you can see it straight away.” says John Pulitano.

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