Hair Rehab

By Iantha Yu

Women’s Health

February 2019 Issue

 Weak Spot

Heat Damage

Sure, you may be more prone to air-drying these days, but that doesn’t mean your locks won’t cop the damage when you do turn to heat-styling with a straightener or tong. “Hydrogen bonds [in your hair] can be easily broken with heat styling, which causes irreparable split ends and breakage,” explains hair-stylist John Pulitano. Those beach waves you’ve created have a lot to answer for now, eh?

Strengthening Moves

To lessen the damage, always prep hair with a heat-protectant spray before picking up a tong or straightener, and use the low to medium heat setting. “Spray [the product] onto the mid-lengths and ends of damp hair to infuse it with the moisture and also…protect the [hydrogen] bonds,” adds Pulitano.

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