How to be a better blonde, according to the experts

By Annie Brown


March 22nd, 2023

Vincent Noble,  co-owner and colour director of Sydney salon Headcase Hair, doesn’t take blonde lightly (heh).

“My first step is to carefully analyse the hair as this gives me a roadmap on how best to get from A to B without overly damaging the hair. The next step for me is to advise on the best blonde to make you look your best with shine and hair health and explain a plan over the next couple colours. My style is luxury hair so I’ll always advise on a blonde that’s going to make you look your best and for your hair to look and feel amazing. I see so many blondes sit in my chair for the first time with dehydrated, dry and frizzy hair and this is heartbreaking to me,” he says.

The other bad thing about being blonde (it’s not all fun) is when it goes brassy. Noble says avoiding brassiness is down to 80 per cent the talent of your colourist, and 20 per cent how you look after it.

“I say to all my new clients that you will be transformed in the first visit and then the second and third visit builds my colour up and makes it last longer. All my clients sit back in my chair when their colour is due to be redone and say that the tone still looks amazing and they are still getting compliments so it always looks great,” he says.

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