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Ricky Allen

January, 2020

While summer brings an abundance of fun new hair trends to follow, it also pays to give your locks some extra loving care.

To find out about the hair trends this summer, editor Ricky Allen spoke with John Pulitano and Vincent Nobile, co-owners of Sydney hair salon Headcase Hair.


Vincent Nobile, colour director at Headcase Hair, shares what’s new in colour.

What are the hair colours trends for summer?

I’m doing pops of colour on my clients – it really brings the colour to life and brightens up the complexion. I look at the hair as a whole and focus on where I want to add light and shade; this creates a beautiful three-dimensional colour. My summer colours are textured and lighter; I’m not doing many heavy, dark, solid colours – even my darker brunettes tend to have a sun-kissed vibe.

Are these colours strong or more natural looking?

Colours are stronger this season as they all have a brightness and glow about them. However, I like the transitions to be progressive and seamless rather than bold and stripy, which keeps the overall natural look.

Are wash-out colours, such as pink, set to be big for summer?

I think that we have been doing these for a while now so I’m using more interesting tones such as minks, strawberry coppers and strawberry apricots, which incorporates pink shades into other tones to make them fashion forward yet natural, and I think this will be the next trend to come.

What about the latest in-salon treatments for summer?

Summertime is tricky as this is when the hair can get really damaged by the sun exposure, salt water and by more styling due to quite a lot more socialising! We have some amazing in-salon protocol treatments where we diagnose your hair and use a cocktail of treatments personally prescribed for you.

Which at-home treatments do you recommend?

Try treatments made to optimise the condition and strength of your hair such as Virtue Labs Restorative Treatment Mask (from $40, and Virtue Labs Split End Serum (from $28, What are your hair care tips for a summer or ski holiday?

Apply leave-in conditioner to your hair to protect it from the elements whenever you would apply sunblock or moisturiser. My pick is the Oribe Foundation Mist ($39, as it’s lightweight and you can reapply it many times without weighing your hair down.


John Pulitano, creative director at Headcase Hair, gives the lowdown on new looks.

What styles are in right now?

We don’t want to make layering too short – we just want to soften the perimeter lines and create beautiful movement all around the edges.

Is long hair going to be more common or is it a mixture?

It’s definitely a mixture but for me there won’t be much in between – it’s either short or long – the looks will be very defined.

Will styles be more natural? At the moment, we are working with natural-looking texture or styling to emulate a natural texture. This summer, I feel that fashion is making quite a bold statement and it’s always great to counterbalance that with something cooler.

Christophe Robin has launched his first styling range: two products that enhance the natural movement of your hair and enriched with flaxseed oil, aloe juice and moringa extract to nourish your hair and give you soft, healthy curls.

What styles work well for a sun holiday or a ski holiday?

Plaits and braids are always great, as you can keep your hair out of the way but still look cool. It’s also a good way to protect your hair from the elements.

For summer, what styling tools do you suggest to help achieve the latest looks?

We want more texture and styling tools can more easily help you achieve that lighter ‘fly away’ look. My favourite is the True Me irons ($179, – you can create any look you want and the keratin-infused ceramic plates will protect your hair and give you a shinier, longer-lasting finish. I also love the Virtue Labs 6-in-1 Styler (from $25, It primes the hair before styling, protects and adds softness and shine.

Bookings can be made here for Headcase Hair Paddington and Headcase Hair Potts Point.

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