Perfectly Imperfect

by Ricky Allen

photographs Jeremy Choh Guy Bailey

Vogue Australia

July 2018 Issue

To get silky, stylish locks, the experts say it’s all about mastering the three Cs – condition, colour and cut.

After months of over-exposure to sun and surf, winter provides a window of time to rehydrate your hair, says Headcase Hair salon co-director and Redken international educator, Vincent Nobile.

For an at-home solution, Nobile recommends Redken One United treatment spray, a powerful leave-in conditioner that protects hair from sun damage and restores damaged hair. “Use it in addition to your shampoo and conditioner for an extra hydration boost,” he says, adding that for best results, a concentrated in-salon treatment will penetrate further into the hair.

“Products such as Shot Phase All Soft from the Redken Chemistry in-salon range bring intense softness and suppleness to dry, brittle hair.”

When asked about upcoming seasonal trends, Nobile says he’s brightening up colours for winter to maintain a striking hair statement. “Colour is still bold right now, so to compensate for winter’s lack of light, I’m putting a bit more pizzazz into my shades with soft pastel tones such as vanilla, hazelnut, mocha and amber.”

He says he’s also applying colour in a new way to lighten the hair around the face. “The light reflects onto the face and opens it up – it’s really anti-ageing. My clients tell me they’re getting a lot of compliments and people are telling them they look healthier and younger.”

Nobile’s Headcase Hair co-director and global stylist, Jon Pulitano, says winter is also a great time to experiment with new hairstyles. “Try a different cut that will complement your new winter colour and work in with heavier fashion such as coats, jackets and scarves,” he says. The upcoming winter trend forecast includes lots of hair, movement, texture and curls. “But whether it’s long hair or a cool short look, it’s all about having a great cut!”

Many clients ask Pulitano if they can still have fashionable hair as they age. “Of course they can!” he says. “When I’m cutting older clients’ hair, I like to give them a look that’s modern and fresh. It’s our job as hairstylists to evolve our clients’ style and keep them looking current.”

This season, Pulitano says his favourite products come from Pureology’s new Clean Volume range, especially the Weightless Mousse, which he says is “amazing for creating all-over volume” and the Instant Levitation Mist, which “gives maximum root lift on fine hair”.

Returning from the Paris and Milan runway shows armed with all the latest trends, Pulitano says he loves small hairclips for the new season.

“They look great slipped in at the side or the back of the hair when it’s down, and they also look fabulous if you’re putting your hair up. We used some at the Rochas show in Paris – we simply clipped them into one side of the hair and it was such a beautiful look.”

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