Perfectly Imperfect

by Ricky Allen

Photographs: Jeremy Choh Guy Bailey

Vogue Australia

November 2018 Issue

Subtle colour with soft, loose layers will place your locks at the forefront of the new season’s trends.

Never underestimate the value of a great hairstyle. It has the power to elevate your entire look and take
years off your face. Now’s the time to give your mane the attention it deserves when updating your look
for summer.

The inside word from our style experts Vincent Nobile and John Pulitano, renowned directors of Headcase Hair in Sydney’s Paddington, is that 2019 is all about keeping it classy. The focus is on elegant, expensive-looking hair, no matter what colour or style you have. “Hair has never been as much of a focus as it was on the catwalk
for the 2019 looks,” says Pulitano, one of Australia’s top stylists, direct from styling for the new-season international fashion shows.

“The most significant change you can make to your style is updating the colour. It’s essential your stylist
works with your basic skin tone, otherwise it just won’t work,” says Nobile, an award-winning colourist. So, what’s the best way to nail your colour, according to this season’s trends? Avoiding anything too strong is a clear theme. “In previous years, that jarring look has been in, but certainly not now,” Nobile says.

“Brunettes should go with a chestnut hue or a soft, lighter brown with
highlights for subtle definition and richness, to keep the look soft. Redheads are best with a lighter tone,
such as a golden red or honeyed copper.” For blondes, subtlety is key.

“This season is all about that regal and sophisticated icy-blonde look – soft, pastel shades are also a great choice. Anything brassy, silver or platinum is out,” says Nobile.

The condition is just as important as the colour, so consider your hair in all those New Year’s resolutions for a healthier you. The aim is to achieve a gorgeous, healthy shine. Dry or dull
hair never looks good. Make sure you get the right advice on the best treatments from your hairdresser.

At Headcase Hair, clients are being treated with Goldwell Kerasilk Color Finishing Cream Serum after colour is applied. This wonder product helps seal in colour and protect it from fading, as well as boosting moisture,
adding shine and giving a soft, healthy finish. “The latest treatments penetrate deeply after a few minutes, so there’s no need to leave them in for long in order to be effective,” Nobile explains. That means there’s no excuse for not treating hair regularly. He also recommends Oribe Shampoo and Conditioner for Beautiful Color to
minimise fading and boost shine, and Goldwell Kerasilk Color Intensive Luster Mask, for a deep conditioning
and further protection.

For the cut, you don’t need to reinvent the wheel to upgrade your look. “Even small changes to a cut
can make a huge difference,” says Pulitano. “And as with the colour, the style should look classy and
elegant.” Really short hair is out for 2019. “Be careful about going too short or helmet-like – grow out your
pixie and add more chop and texture. Bobs are longer and choppier, too, so steer clear of anything too blunt
with one length.”

For very long hair, keep it soft and loose. “Go for a look with lots of movement, and be careful about
making any dramatic changes,” says Pulitano. “Instead, add some soft layers. This alone can completely
update your look.”

To show renewed colour and condition to its best advantage, hair needs to have great texture and movement. To achieve this, Pulitano recommends Goldwell Kerasilk Reconstruct Regenerating Blow-Dry Spray and Oribe Curl
Control Silkening Crème, describing them as “two of the best styling products available”.

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