Headcase Hair Colourist Vincent Nobile specialises in hair colouring

Vincent Nobile – Colour Director

Vincent is the authority on luxury editorial colour, with over 20 years of experience in technical precision colouring whilst always preserving the condition of the hair. His signature colour philosophy combines his passion for detail and fashion, tailoring every colour to suit the individual and achieving shiny, beautiful colour that only gets better with time.

Having held prestigious positions as the Australian colour ambassador for brands like Wella and Redken, Vincent has taught countless colour seminars around the world to his peers. With over 50 trips to New York alone, his passion is what drives him to raise the standard of colouring across the industry. Vincent’s knowledge makes him the go-to for expert advice on colour trends and hair care in the beauty pages of magazines such as Elle, Harper’s BAZAAR and Vogue. Today he leads a team of professional and passionate colourists at his salons as they achieve editorial-inspired results for clients, top models, and celebrities.

Colour is like a beautiful painting reflecting light and shade with lots of dimension. It should be seamless and blend through the hair with perfect harmony. I’m passionate about beauty and making every person the most beautiful version of themselves. I custom tailor each colour to bring out the absolute best in complexion and features, accentuating their natural beauty. Great colour should always evolve with the client.” — Vincent Nobile