Locked In | Sydney’s Best Hairdressers

By Angela Law

Urban List

29 Aug 2018

Surely we can all agree that selecting a new institution to entrust your precious tresses is a big freaking deal. Behold, the bible of hair trustees around good ol’ Syd town you can head to for a simple blow-dry or a ‘new-do, new-you’ balayage.

Headcase Hair

Headcase Hair has been a hair institution for decades now. The team here is renowned for nailing natural yet fashion-forward looks and they’ve been donned as one of the best salons in Paddington mostly due to the stellar talent they have colouring and chopping on the regular. On one side you’ve got John Pulitano, just casually one of the top hair stylists in the biz who has worked for over 10 years on fashion week shows in NYC, Paris, Milan, London and Australia. On the other, his partner Vincent Nobile, has been one of Australia’s leading colourist for over twenty years. So yeah, Headcase is a pretty big deal.

Bookings can be made here for Headcase Hair Paddington and Headcase Hair Potts Point.

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