Headcase Hair

Urban List

Sammy Preston

September 15th, 2020


This Paddington hair haven is run by the best in the industry. On one side, you’ve got John Pulitano, just casually one of the top hairstylists in the business who has worked for over 10 years on fashion week shows in New York City, Paris, Milan, London, and Australia. On the other, you’ve got Vincent Nobile, who has been one of Australia’s leading colourist for over two decades.

The Headcase crew are so talented, there are celebrities and models who low-key won’t go anywhere else and frankly—we don’t blame them.

Headcase Hair has been a hair institution since it opened in 1997. The team here is well across every trend in the industry to bring out the best colouring and styling looks for all their clients, so we can confirm your locks will be well taken care of. To top it off, they’re renowned for nailing natural yet fashion-forward looks and they’ve been donned as one of the best salons in Sydney.

In 2020, the Paddington salon underwent a complete redesign. Pulitano and Nobile collaborated with the super-talented Amanda Talbot of Studio Snoop to realise the new space, and it is nothing short of dreamy. In a huge shift away from the stark, minimalist-style salons of the 90s, Headcase is warm, inviting, stylish, and, true to Talbot’s style, brilliantly detailed.

Bookings can be made here for Headcase Hair Paddington and Headcase Hair Potts Point.