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Sherine Youssef

April, 2019

Stay on top of the hottest hair colours for autumn/winter

The days may be getting darker sooner than you’d like. One way to counterbalance the gloom? Try out a new hair hue and give your complexion a subtle, rejuvenated glow. “Chestnut brown is on trend,” explains “Chestnut brown is on trend. But the colour balance is key” Headcase Hair colour director Vincent Nobile. “But the colour balance is key – you want hair to be predominantly brunette, and then take it to the right shade of chestnut by adding invisible highlights. Everyone likes to over-colour by putting in too much light shade, but this only makes hair brassy.”

Those with darker brunette or black hair should ask their colourist for soft warmth, while this season’s red hair is brighter and reads more copper. Nobile suggests that blondes should talk to their colourist about adding “cool champagne tones to give warm radiance”.

Balayage is still in favour, but Nobile sees it becoming more deliberate and precise, with results that appear thought-out and personalised. As for hair trends that are on the way out, Nobile declares: “Over-damaging and over-colouring hair with extremely strong products and freehand techniques. I don’t think there is anything beautiful with the dry, dull, brassy hair you get with this method.”


Lily Aldridge’s brunette expertly balances different tones.

• “Jessica Chastain has the perfect, modern shade of copper that every redhead should aspire to,” says Nobile. • Darker brown and black hair should look to Bella Hadid for warmth that doesn’t read as brassy.

• “Jennifer Lawrence has rocking blonde hair right now, with lighter, softly accentuating pieces around the front that really brighten up her face,” notes Nobile.

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