The Age of Opulence

Harper’s Bazaar

Brooke Le Poer Trench

March 1st, 2020

The interplay of sleek locks and statement jewels conjures a world of decadence with a rebellious edge. Take a moment to revel in it.


“Smooth styles require healthy hair,” says hairstylist John Pulitano, creative director of Headcase Hair. “While heat styling and serums help with that high-shine finish, keratin-packed at-home masks, like the one from Virtue, repair and hydrate strands while ensuring a glossy finish.”


“The return of sleek, poker-straight hair calls for a little more strategy than usual. Eliminate flyaways from the get-go by always pointing the dryer in a downward direction. Then mist hair with a light-hold hairspray before straightening for an ultra-smooth finish.”


“Don’t overlook your ends — they are quick to dry out and reveal damage. Get into the habit of using cream-based thermal styling protectors, which are formulated for achieving this silky-smooth style. And ditch your old straightener for one with the latest plate technology, which seals the cuticle quickly without damaging the hair.”


“Always finish with a shine spray. Place one hand over your part and spray from a distance, creating a light mist across hair. This gives your style longevity by keeping oil off the roots while giving a reflective shine everywhere else.”


“A centre-part adds strength and symmetry to the face and makes a stylish statement when combined with sleek hair pulled back into a bun. It doesn’t need to be perfect, either — simply secure into a neat pony and then twist and pin.”

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