Australian Fashion Week 2021


July/August, 2021

O&M x Rumer the Label

A collection comprised of natural textures was ideally suited by a complementary organic approach to hair, thanks to John Pulitano. “It’s about individuality and following what the hair naturally does, seeing how the hair reacts first and working on it to enhance the natural texture and movement in a feminine and sophisticated way.”

O&M x Oroton

“We have created a very summery and light airy vibe but still reflecting the natural texture of the hair. The hair is natural yet elevated with a luxurious feel to it.” John Pulitano said. “It’s about that lived-in luxury.”

O&M x Jordan Dalah

“With the collection it seemed to be focused as quite period pops but then were these quirky bits as well, so I felt like the hair, the bulk of it, was meant to juxtapose that.” John Pulitano said. Three big hair hero looks weighed and estimated three kilograms each.

Bookings can be made here for Headcase Hair Paddington and Headcase Hair Potts Point.