Headcase Hair Extensions

    1. Bespoke Service
    2. Our extension experts will discuss your wishes and diagnose your hair to then recommend the best kind of extensions for your length and hair texture. This will promise you get the most seamless, natural looking extensions that best blend with your own hair.

    3. Guilt Free Hair
    4. We use Great Lengths Hair Extensions who source 100% of their hair directly from Indian temples with donor consent. The money they pay these communities benefit from this fair trade.

    5. The Very Best Quality
    6. Our hair extensions are AAA quality hair using no damaging bleach or harsh chemicals for optimum shine and bounce. Unlike European Hair, Indian Temple hair is more durable and voluminous, with a natural wave that air dries beautifully and makes styling easy. Our hair extension clientele including working actors and top models who entrust us to enhance their hair with extensions that fall, look, and move naturally.

    7. Smooth & Tangle Free
    8. Our hair is remy, which means all the hair cuticles face the same direction for tangle-free, smooth strands that lasts for the lifetime of the extension. Blonde is achieved through a gentle osmosis bath that depigments the hair without the need for any damaging bleach or harsh chemicals and ensures that the hair cuticle remains intact.

    9. Better For Your Hair
    10. We use a combination of tapes as well as individual cold fusion keratin bonds. Unlike other competitor brands that use heat or metal, our extensions are applied using a unique cold fusion technology that causes minimal damage to your hair. Additionally, our experts are trained to manage the application and removal of hair extensions in a way that best nurtures the condition of your hair, preventing hair damage and making them easier to remove.

    11. Natural Colour
    12. Over 100 colours are available, all created by master colourists who blend tones by hand, for dimensional colour and brilliant vibrance

    Call (02) 9380 9988 for Paddington or (02) 7904 3240 for Potts Point and book a free consultation with one of our hair extension specialists.