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November, 2018

Opening their doors in 1997, Directors John Pulitano and Vincent Nobile joined forces to realise their mutual passion, enthusiasm and expertise with the iconic Headcase Hair. With John known for his remarkable talent for cutting, fashion and editorial styling and Vincent for his incredible flair for designer colour, Headcase Hair has become one of the most revered and relevant salons in the industry today.

Specialising in high-fashion, bespoke colour and precision cutting techniques representing up to the minute fashion trends, the Headcase hair team create cutting edge looks for fashion shows, editorial magazine shoots and an ever-growing number of Australia’s leading celebrities and models, along with a devoted list of wonderful clients.

Recently making the change to Goldwell and KMS salon brands, Headcase begins a new professional partnership with Kao Salon Division. Said Kao Salon Division General Manager, Justin Anderson, “Goldwell is thrilled to welcome John, Vincent and the Headcase Hair Team. We have long recognised their outstanding industry reputation and loyal customer base as well as being innovators in colour, fashion hairdressing and education. We look forward to a longstanding partnership.”

To take a moment to reflect on past success as well as look forward to an exciting new future, Hair Biz Editor, Kym Krey spoke with Directors John and Vincent recently.

KK: You are known by reputation for your precision cutting techniques. Share with us your approach to creating beautiful hair design. JP: Working with the innate texture of the hair, our stylists take the natural fibre and add shape and form, tailoring each unique design to enhance the features of the individual. In doing this, our cuts will maintain their shape, evolving as time passes to grow out beautifully. The cut is then brought to life using our signature

colouring techniques that fall through the hair seamlessly to give exquisite dimension and enhance the complexion whilst preserving the condition of the hair.KK: John, Vincent, would you tell us a little about each of your early years in the industry and when you knew hairdressing was to be your career choice? JP: Fashion and music we’re great passions of mine and I loved being social, so I decided to pursue a career in hairdressing as it captured all of these elements. I have always been a very visual and artistic person and I chose a career where I could express myself in that way.

VN: The minute I started my career in hairdressing I thought it was so cool. I didn’t want to be stuck in an office with no atmosphere and I loved being creative. I fit into the hairdressing environment really easily. There was cool music playing, I got to chat with interesting people, I immediately was addicted to training as I loved the artistic element of hair and it was also was the party era of hairdressing so afterwork was often social. We we’re having a great time and doing great work what more could you ask for!

KK: You’re known for the wonderful blend of shape and colour that you unfailingly achieve. Tell us more about your signature colour techniques and what makes them so distinctive.

JP: I love to create beautiful colours and I love beautiful hair. So, I always strive to achieve modern colours whilst conserving the condition of the hair, so It remains shiny and this enhances the colour further. I’m always deriving new techniques that do exactly that I call this luxury hair colour, and this Is what I’m truly still passionate about. I’m know for my attention to detail, precision with colour and technical knowledge creating progressive seamless results. To me colours should evolve beautifully and be modern and on point. I don’t specialise in one thing as a great colourist I like to be inspired by creating beautiful colours be it Blondes, Reds or Brunettes and I don’t like to be limited. I’m excited by all shades and tones!

KK: Ensuring that all staff deliver work to the same high standard can be a challenge as a salon business expands. How do you select your staff members and what is your philosophy around education to maintain exceptional quality?

JP: Yes, this can prove to be challenging we are very fortunate to have a core team of long- standing team members. This, combined with John and I still being Incredibly passionate about our craft, sets the standard for new team members to follow. I was recently told by an ex- staff member who has worked In many salons overseas that Headcase Hair is where you learn the most; the most training Is available, and it is an environment where you thrive and grow In your hairdressing. This made us feel very proud as it’s the environment we aim to achieve and new team members being part of this automatically makes them learn, grow and be the best hairdresser they can be. We’re always looking for passionate hairdressers with talent and also love hairdressers wanting to take their career to the next level

KK: Do you feel that the partnership of cutting specialist and colourist has provided advantages or enabled you to build a stronger business?

JP: Yes as it really sets a high benchmark across both haircut and hair colour and our looks are always modern and up to date across both. This means that our business has more to offer our clients with results and standards and also our team with training techniques and standards.

KK. You regularly work on editorial magazine shoots. What are some of the publications where we might have seen your work?

JP. Indeed we have worked on a lot of editorial for Australian and International publications such as Harper’s Bazaar, Vogue (Australia and China), Russh (Australia & Japan), Oyster, Grazia, Instyle, Nico, Karen, Pagesonline, Sunday Magazine and many more.

KK. For many years, your work has been showcased alongside top designers on the catwalks of Fashion Weeks around the world. How does this benefit your business and contribute to your work in the salon?

JP. Working on these prestigious shows has always been a key element and differentiation point setting Headcase Hair apart from other hair salons and hair experts in Australia. Being involved in the backstage efforts of these trendsetting brands allows us to get inspiration and bring to our clientele the latest trends before it becomes available to anyone else.

On a professional level, what we offer to the team who work for us is the opportunity to see hair in a much more fashion editorial style and specialisation. This is also a big point of difference in our salon- what we offer our team and what attracts new team members to us. This is a core philosophy in every element of our hairdressing being haircutting, styling and colour and makes our hairdressing style unique and keeps us on the forefront what we do.

KK. You recently travelled to both Milan and Paris Fashion Weeks working with Gucci, Missoni and Sonia Rykiel, to name just a few. What do you feel were the standout trends you observed and how do you feel these will impact the Australian Hairdressing scene?

JP. It’s a very individual time right now which makes things very exciting. As hairdressers, if we are following current fashion trends, it really opens us up to creativity. On the catwalks this season, we saw anything from miss-matched prints to plastic and metallics. Take from it what you will and let your creativity run wild as there are no rules at present.

KK. You also boast quite a list of celebrity clients. Who would be some of your favourite celebrity clients over the years and why?

JP. We’ve worked with some great celebrities both internationally and locally. Some names Include Naomi Campbell, Gigi Hadad, Kate Moss, Robbie Williams, Liv Tyler, Sam Frost, Sarah Ellen, Erika Heynatz, Alli Simpson, Julian Maroun and many more.

KK. You’ve been in business now for over 21 years. Congratulations. What do you do to

ensure you remain fresh and continue to evolve both personally and professionally?

  JP. Thank you, we opened our doors in 1997, we can’t believe how time flies! We have always been about providing a luxury experience and a high result to our clients which as a result has always pushed us to look for the next best thing to offer them. As artists, we are constantly trying to better ourselves, being in the way we treat our clients or being in the services we bring them and techniques we use. We are also both very much into trends and fashion    which    helps us spot the next best thing and bring it to our clients before it becomes mainstream. We’re lucky we get to travel and work

in the most amazing places and work on the most inspirational events which in turn keeps us both fresh, excited, inspired and keeps us bringing this back to our salon.

This year we bought some new haircare brands into our salon, Goldwell and Oribe and we are also using a new iron brand on our clients, True Me. Next year we will be renovating our salon again and it will be very luxurious, beautiful and we are very excited about it!

We are extremely passionate about what we do, and that constant need of evolving fulfils us personally and helps us always being relevant to our clients and team.

KK. You’ve recently made the decision to partner with KAO Salon Division using the Goldwell and KMS brands. What prompted this decision and how do you feel this relationship will enhance your business?

JP. It is already enhancing our business as our staff and clients have been loving the new products and colours. We have been loving the colour portfolio as it has supported us in creating the latest colours and tones that we feel are on trend right now. We are always looking for amazing innovation and technology and we don’t make a decision like this lightly, so we tested everything extensively before making the move. They have an extensive colour, styling and treatment portfolio that gives us all the tools we need to create high fashion looks for all the models and celebrities that we look after as well as our beautiful clientele.

KK. You’ll also be educating on behalf of the brand as Goldwell Platform Artists. What excites you about this opportunity?

JP. We are really excited about going back to our roots and showcasing what really excites us about hairdressing. We are excited about being partnered with Goldwell as they really respect us, our brand and our style of hairdressing and they just want us to be ourselves and do what Inspires us. We’re super excited about that, as we have our own Individual style of hairdressing and can’t wait to showcase it. We’re also excited about working with the Goldwell team on an education and fashion platform

KK. What have you found to be the most challenging aspects of business ownership?

JP. Staff can sometimes be a challenge as we seem to have a shortage of people coming through our Industry. Running a business well In today’s day and age can also be challenging as you have to wearing a lot of hats

KK. What would be some of the greatest lessons you’ve learned along the way?

JP. Trust your vison and don’t compromise on your quality.

KK. If you had your time over again or were starting a new business today, is there anything you would do differently?

JP. Having your time again, there are always

things that you would do differently but learning and growing is part of success and we’re happy with the destination we’ve arrived at

KK. What advice would you give to other stylists who aspire to emulate your success?

JP. Always remain passionate and get Involved In as much as you possibly can, even if that means volunteering your time to be part of great events. Learn as much as possible from everyone you can, be persistent and follow your goals.

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