Model Bree McCann Can’t Live Without These 5 Beauty Products

Emily Algar


August 29, 2019

The model on beauty, wellness, and why she’s a little over the term “plus-sized”

Bree McCann (nee Warren) is a breath of fresh air on Instagram. She’s candid, real, and happy to be who she is. Part of the appeal is her championing of women’s bodies on social media in whatever form they come, including her own. Her work as a model and brand ambassador (among other pursuits) only lends itself to her positive messaging, hence why she’s a bit of a poster girl for living a balanced but realistic lifestyle.

We were fortunate enough to pick Warren’s brain during a recent shoot she worked on with hair styling brand True Me and salon Headcase Hair about how she navigates the sometimes-polarising worlds of social media, body confidence, and the beauty tips she relies on to keep her feeling her best. Warren dished answers that aren’t contrived or stuffy, but practical and full of insight. Read on for the interview.

Bree Warren on set with True Me and Headcase Hair.

GRAZIA: How do you typically style your own hair day to day?

McCann: “I think I have a pretty no-fuss approach to my everyday look, however my hair is naturally straight and can get flat, so I need to add a bend. I use the True Original to add a wave, but I keep the ends straight. My hair is constantly styled at work, so I also love that all the True Me stylers have keratin-infused ceramic plates that actually help protect my hair’s integrity.”

GRAZIA: You’re an incredible advocate for body positivity – where does your own confidence come from?

McCann: “I think my modelling career and my own self-confidence have grown simultaneously. In the early days, I was unsure of where I fit in as both a model and a curvier woman, but now I think I have really come full circle. I know who I am and I’m happy with where I’m at in life. I really believe that there is so much more to life than wasting time worrying about your body.”

GRAZIA: And how do you deal with bad days where you don’t feel like your best self?

McCann: “I think the biggest thing to remember when you’re having an off moment is that it will pass. Try to stay positive. Everyone has those moments, and nobody wakes up in the morning feeling perfect. We are all unique and interesting in different ways and I always try to remember that.”

Bree Warren on set with True Me and Headcase Hair.

GRAZIA: Where would you like to see the biggest change in the modelling industry when it comes to diversity?

McCann: “I would just like to continue to see more of what’s happening now. We have come a really long way in the past couple of years in terms diversity and using a range of different body types in fashion. I want to see diversity completely normalised and models just being booked as models. I want the next generation to grow up with a much better sense of self-worth than we did.”

GRAZIA: How do the terms ‘plus size’ and ‘curvy’ make you feel? 

McCann: “I think those kinds of terms are definitely on the way out. It’s out-dated to categorise women in that way. I should just be able to say I’m a model but unfortunately, I do still get some strange looks sometimes as if to say I’m not thin enough to be a model. However, I’m happy that those situations are happening less and less. I’m proud to be curvy but we don’t need the labels.”

GRAZIA: What’s the number one beauty tip you’ve picked up on set?

McCann: “A bar of soap is the best way to get big brows. Swipe your spoolie brush on the soap and then brush them up – they’ll stay in place all day.”

GRAZIA: Go-to meal after a long day?

McCann: “A brown rice salmon poke bowl.”

GRAZIA: And five beauty products you can’t live without? 

McCann: “Bumble & Bumble Thickening Spray, Dr. Barbara Sturm Calming Serum, Chanel Les Beiges, WelleCo Super Elixir and the True Original styler.”


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