Can you really make your hair grow faster? We investigate

Anna Lavdaras


January 18, 2019

Read this before your next haircut.

You’ve just walked into a salon with breast-length hair and asked for a tiny trim. Next minute, you’re leaving with a bob, thanks to one trigger-happy hair stylist. Oh girl, we’ve all been there.

All you can do is wait, right? Not necessarily…

Vincent Nobile is the co-owner & colour director at Headcase hair, and one of the country’s leading colourists. Vincent’s philosophy is all about health, first. He approached hair like a skin-focused beauty routine, prioritising the condition of the hair before even attempting to do anything else i.e. colour.

We spoke with the colour guru about whether it’s actually possible to speed up the hair growing process, starting with the age old theory:

Does a trim really make your hair grow faster?

“Yes, actually it can! Think of it like trimming a hedge, if you trim regularly it becomes thick and bushy, but if you leave it, it can end up looking thin and sparse.”

“Your hair cut effects your hair growth as when you cut your hair it strengthens the hair follicle, stimulates growth and creates thickness,” Vincent explains.

Can colour affect how fast your hair grows?

“No not really, it really should have any impact if the hair is coloured properly and not over damaged. The only time colour affects hair growth is if the colour has been done badly and your hair has been over damaged and you get breakage.”

Are there any products you can recommend for faster hair growth?

“The new brand Bondi Boost has a specialised range of products to promote hair growth and faster growing hair. I’ve heard great things from a number of my clients.”

How can you make sure your hair follicles are healthy?

“I’ve heard of some clients applying probiotics directly to the scalp to help soothe irritations and even indirectly restore hair growth,” recalls Noble.

In fact, a study has shown that feeding probiotic yogurt to mice resulted in thicker, shinier and more lustrous fur.

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